0 Find Out The Relationship Status Of Your Facebook Friends

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It's an awesome Facebook trick where you will get the relationship status of all your Facebook friends. Just follow the easy steps given below. 
  • Go to this link http://relationbook.me/.
  • Log in with your Facebook account.
  • Grant access to the app.
  • Get the relationship status of all friends.

It's easy as that!!!!
After signing up, you’ll see images of each of your friends, plus a small picture showing their relationship status. You can also filter your search by status or gender. Here’s how the website looks like:

With this app you will able to find which of your Facebook friends are single, before trying to date them.

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0 The Best Online Typing Job Websites

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the best way to make money online

If you got some writing skills, then online typing jobs are the best way to make money online. The only thing that you will need is a computer with internet connection to make money in typing jobs. One of the main advantage of this kind of sites are, work at your own flexible time anywhere, whether your are at office or at home. Keep in mind, the the more fast you type, the more cash you earn. All peoples like students, housewives, people in between jobs, all have the best opportunity to work in free time to earn money online. Here I am gonna share the 

best online typing jobs websites.


Best Online Typing Job Websites

After long research, I found MegaTypers as one of the 

best online typing job
 website which deals converting scanned papers into readable digital documents. By doing this, you can earn a good amount of genuine money. Their works include CAPTCHA image and Voice-to-text transcription.


  • Signup is Free
  • No Membership Fees
  • No Hidden Charges
Only thing that is needed is to be familiar with Captcha Images and a typing speed without errors of at-least 10 W/M.

Steps to join in the mege typers

  • Go to www.megatypers.com/register.
  • Fill your details with accuracy.
  • E-mail should be a valid one.
  • A strong password 
  • Then your full name.
  • Select the option that best suits you (cannot change in future)
  • Enter
     the ‘Invitation Code’ as 9AUO9AUS, or 9AUT.

Also for completing your registration, you do have to retype a CAPTCHA word in the box. 
Registration is completed. Start your typing job from the next moment after all the above steps.

The words that you enter must be well accurate as seen in the image in the given time as this increases your reputation in getting works. Depending on the time of work done, the money that you get from entering texts varies. So choose the perfect time for you and the rate can be varied anywhere between 0.5$-1.5$ for every 1000 images. Also you can see the rate at that particular moment in 

“solve images” and 

“statistics” page.


way to earn extra income
The other site that I got in this research is  Quicktate.com which is another best online typing jobs. This website transcribes memos, 

voice-mail messages, 

letters, medical files, 
legal files, 

recordings of phone calls, and 
conference calls
. The work you have to do is listen to a voice-mail and type it out for the clients. You can work at your desired time through this site. And the payment is done using PayPal or credit card. If you are any of the people given below, then you can go for this work.

  • Individuals that know how to follow instructions.
  • Accurate spelling and punctuation.
  • Typists that can listen to voice files and accurately type what they hear.
  • Experienced and professional transcription peoples.
  • Typists with their own equipment, supplies, facilities 
  • Honesty, integrity and reliability. 
  • Take a typing quiz for each language or specialty you are interested in.

  • Online typing job is one the best and easiest way to earn extra income. Visit the above website and put your effort to earn lot of money.
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0 How To Make Money Online By Uploading Files

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Make Money Online By Uploading Files

It is really hard to find genuine online sites that pays for your work. Here I am sharing a list of sites with which you can make money online just by uploading files. There is no need of any maximum efforts, just upload your files and you will get paid. The student, teachers, tutors, like people who stay at home, who are enjoying their summer vacations, they might have lots of files that are work related to their projects, subject related, assignments, book material, or competitive exams solved papers or anything which is useful to others. Get ready to start make money uploading files.

Below given websites are best ones to make money by uploading documents and files.

Docstoc.com makes you the easy way to upload files and to monetize with your Google Adsense. Total revenue you can earn from Ads displayed on the uploaded documents, 50 - 67% revenue share will keep by Docstoc. Your earning potential of revenue depends on uploading files, quality and downloads from good traffic



Second one is Depositfiles, get paid up to 25$ for every 1000 download on your Video, text files, audio, files upload. The file types like video files, music files, MP3, games, applications, ringtones, excel, office related files, drawings, projects, architectural, models, word, power point, laboratory data, MPEG, advertising booklets, AVI, zip, Rar, jpg, etc. The only thing that keeps tight is that the file size should not exceed 2 GB.


For this site, you will be get paid between 1 - 100$ for every 1000 files. Downloads depends upon file size and popularity.
Uloading.com pays you through Epese, E passporte, Wire Transfer, web money and PayPal
Unloading.com pays you up to $20- 30$ per 1000 unique download
Unloading.com Daily payout method
Unloading.com pays you for downloads from many countries
Uloading.com minimum payout is $30

This file website upload pays liberally to its users and when compared to the above ones, it pays average 1 - 2$ per 500 downloads. Keep in mind that the files will be deleted when downloads for more than 60+ days. This website also enables you to divert your account to premium account. There is no limitation for storage space, that is a good attraction as well.


By using this site you can make money by uploading files images/pics. Shareapic pays you 0.20 - 0.30 $ for every 1000 unique views. Uploading images to shareapic.net makes you bugs in easiest way with simple signup



Earn money by uploading and sharing your content files. Earn up to 50% of every purchase of a premium account by downloaders of your files. Our affiliate program is open for every registered user of our site.
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0 Best Way To Make Money Online With Videos

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If you are looking for an online money making program sharing videos, making money online with Daily-motion videos is becoming a new and easy YouTube alternative. Dailymotion.com have their own monetization platform which is built in, for publishers and content owners to make money online from their videos. Actually it’s really a very good thing as people doesn't have to go on separately with any advertising platform (like Google Ad-sense). This is the main attraction of Dailymotion.com and thanks to the creators as it had become a successful feature.

The only drawback that you will come across while monitoring is that, you won't see a lot of advertisers using Daily-motion. This means less money for publishers and content creators.
Steps to follow:-

Go to the given link

Then create an account.
Input your information.
Login and then wait for review.
Once your website got approved, upload videos or share, you can select it from  from among 40 million videos uploaded by all users and earn steady money for all the views that made on your shared videos.

Earn money by sharing videos and get paid via Paypal or bank transfer.

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