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If you have blocked adfly links in India, don’t worry anymore, we have a solution to that both for bloggers and visitors.

Let’s take a link

It won’t work

And all you have to do is put: “v2.” as a prefix for the adfly link. Remove http and try all like below:

And for bloggers

Are you worried that you are loosing money?

Just use the mirror links to clear this issue. There is no need to add v2 as said earlier.






0 Get Your Site Submitted In Directories Automatically

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Automated directory submission

Site For Automatic Directory Submission

If anyone wants to submit your site to directories and search engines automatically, then SubmitterBot is the only submission engine that can be used effectively. Other similar submission engines, submits to only a handful of sites, and many of which may not exist anymore. Many of them claim that they automatically add your web link to famous search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but that's not true or not at all possible to do it automatically. What SubmitterBot do is, get your website added to as many directories and search engines as possible, and this will help you raise your website rank in all the major search engines.
SubmitterBot is not just for FREE, but it's extremely easy to use. You can start your free account in seconds. Once you're logged in, add your URL and SubmitterBot wizard will retrieve your site's data and fill out many fields in their form, so you only have very little to do. The SubmitterBot's advanced search software will begin adding your link to all those directories and search engines while you're free to do other things! Once this software finished the job, SubmitterBot will e-mail a detailed report of where your website was submitted and at what time. Some directories and search engines may already include your link, by the time this report hits your inbox.
You can easily re-submit the same link later, just by cloning your previous submission. Make changes if you want to, click the button and you are done! As part of SubmitterBot's service to you, you'll also get SubmitterBotbProNews, free e-mail newsletter, with tips on managing your site better and increase your website traffic, among with other things. The more high quality directories you submit, the more traffic you will receive!
Get started by clicking here and start your one way link building.

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0 Text Link Advertising Networks

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Text Link Advertising Companies

Text Link Advertising
Other than link building, text links advertising is a way to increase the visitors to your website and also create website backlinks meaning that you get better search engine optimization on search engines. You can buy these text links as part of your Internet marketing plan. And sell text links on your site to bring easy money.
With a text link marketing you will get affordable way of advertising your site. There are many types of text links available, pay per click text links and permanent text links. These are both big tips to get your site some better SEO and web traffic. The price varies depending on the type of text links you buy. But without any doubt it is a fair investment in your business.
Bring some simple and fast revenue into your business bank account by taking text links at work. Almost all of the successful websites use marketing to increase boost SEO and traffic. Take your website and make it worth working for you as a seller of text links. You will find lots of services online to do this as It is simple to do. Get this text link advertising go online and make money online.

Text Link Advertising Sites Example

·         Backlinks.Com
·         Backlinks4U.Com
·         Fiverr.Com
·         Inlinks.Com
·         Intellilinks.Com
·         Linkadage.Com
·         Linkvehicle.Com
·         Linkworth.Com
·         Livecustomer.Com
·         Selinks.Com
·         Text-Link-Ads.Com
·         Textlinkbrokers.Com
·         Textlinks.Com
·         Tnx.Net
·         Whylink.Com
 For more SEO tips and tricks visit here.
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0 Best Free Online Backlink Checker Tool

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Backlinks are essential for any website that wants to get a high page ranking on the search engine result page. Getting into the first page of google results could make a great difference to your website and that means some genuine web traffic is heading in your direction. Using backlink monitoring tools is appropriate for identifying website traffic and related criteria.

Backlinks that we generate need to be from good sources and not some random back link will get your business or website noted. They are considered as tools for SEO so search engines take these backlinks very seriously. By this, serious backlinks means that you can outrank your competitors.
Try out some famous backlink research tools so that you know your website is being linked in all the right places. These research tools can make a serious difference as you can identify what exactly is happening with your website backlinks and whether they are working for SEO or not. The backlink checker tool gives you information on website’s statistics, inbound links, and much more…
These research tools involve monitoring how your competitors are doing on the Internet. This will give you the edge when starting marketing and will help you increase your optimization by giving you a list of backlinks to websites. This is awesome as you will be seeing who other similar sites are going for backlinks.
Many of these backlink monitoring tools are free once you subscribe to website, and some others charge a fee for their expertise. It is definitely worth for you to use these backlink monitoring tools as this could result in increasing your website traffic and save you money. You might have a lot of backlinks out there, but maybe none of them are actually bringing in traffic to your site. Below given research tools will make sure you are getting the very best backlinks for your website, to ensure search engine optimization and more web traffic in your direction.


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0 Forum Commenting Sites For Link Building

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Commenting on different forums, blogs and other sites are a great way to create genuine backlinks for your site. This is one of the primitive link building methods. These web traffic or backlinks will help to increase search engine optimization and give you a higher ranking in search engines. This is the simplest method that every website should follow to increase web traffic. The main thing is that the web traffic that we get from this procedure is very much permanent one. Things you must follow is,
·         The comments must be relevant
·         The page you must comment must be based on our website
·         Check for the keyword density and link the appropriate link to the anchor text
·         Don’t exaggerate things in the comment
·         Use proper language
There are many forums and blogs that will be appropriate and relevant to your website. Find forums, blogs that get a large traffic where you can add comments that include helpful information and advice. Simply link your website URL address to create the backlink. You can build up a very good reputation for your site by being an expert in this field.

Forum commenting is a little bit more complicated than that of blog commenting. Below given are some of the forum links where you can build links.

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0 5 Easy Steps To Get Backlink For Website

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5 Easy Steps To Get Backlink For Website

If you want to drive website traffic to your blogger or your website, building backlink is one of the important factors. Google is updating their algorithm on a regular basis, so backlinks from high quality websites can be a good easy method to get your website rank higher.

Get Backlinks For Website

Backlink is used to drive more traffic to your blog or website or it is the link which leads back to your website. Without any doubt we can say that backlinks are an important factor for search engine optimization. Below shown is the best and easy 5 methods to get backlinks to your website.

How to get backlink

1. By Writing a post or articles to blog or website

The first method is to write articles on good quality sites which ranks higher in Google. Some blog owners will invite users to write posts on their blog, website and they will publish this article based on their keyword optimization, content, and images used in their article. If the article got published, you will get a backlink for your site when every time people read your article. So write a quality article to get your post accepted.

2. By posting comments

The second method is by posting your comment to different blogs or websites. The thing you must consider is that the sites where you build links must have a decent ranking in Google or Alexa. You can post five comments to ten comments a day. You should publish relevant comments or it will be marked as spam or deleted by the website owners.

3. By Social Bookmarking

The third method is by promoting your site in Social Media Network such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Google+, Digg, . User can follow your site in the social media networks they are mostly convinced with. These are providing more tools to take your post to to your fan page on social media networking.

4. By promoting your old post on your own site

This is one of the best methods to promote your old posts by linking related post or old post within your newly added articles. If the visitor need to see the old post, it will be easy and your page views gets increased. It is necessary to promote your old posts as in time it will lose the publicity.

5. Post your videos

Creating fresh videos and adding to your site is the final one. One of the easiest methods to post our external links on other sites is by adding your videos. This will lead a lot of back links to your website within very less amount of time. The thing is that you have to be a little bit skillful in creating videos and it must be a relevant one too. If your video is relevant and worth, then you will get more backlink from the website where you posted your video.

By following above methods, you can drive high quality backlinks to your website. See more here

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