0 Make Money On Survey Sites - PollBuzzer

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Join PollBuzzer, one of the simplest, easiest, and most reliable online survey sites and earn $1 for each multiple choice question you answer.
Name: PollBuzzer
Type of program: Surveys

Referral program? Yes, pays $1.00 per referral.

Paid? Yes! They’ve paid multiple times. Most recent payments are below. Total received to date: $28.00.


Pollbuzzer Payment Proof:

Make Money On Survey Sites PollBuzzer

 Review: Recommended? Yes! This site has a number of good things going for it. The sign up is fast and easy without a ton of intrusive questions, and the confirmation email arrives quickly. The low cash-out threshold and automatic payments without having to request them are major positives.

They have both a Facebook and a Twitter account so if you wanted to publicly interact, you have that option. They are responsive and friendly in social networking, and gave me a shoutout when they saw my review, which is always appreciated! They are open to feedback from their user base, a rare plus in this industry.

Definitely join! 
Make Money On Survey Sites -  PollBuzzer

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Blogger Tricks

0 Airtel Unlimited 3G Trick 2015 March

We Are Here With Airtel Unlimited 3G Trick 1st Time On Internet

Airtel Unlimited 3G Trick 2015 

Steps to success Airtel Unlimited 3G Trick

  • This Is a UDP Based Trick So You Need Software Like Pd-Proxy ,Tunnel Guru , Finch VPN Etc
  • Then You Need To Configure Them With Method Below

  • First Open Pd-Proxy
  • Go In UDP Port Selection
  • Fill Port "49200" In It.
 Airtel Unlimited 3G Trick

  • Then Click Save & Go Back
  • Then Connect Pd-Proxy, Now You'Ll See You Can Surf And Download On Zero Balance

 **Note If Trick Not Works Or There Is NO Airtel 3G In Your Area Then Recharge Your Number With 3G Data Pack And Go To Network Selection From Your Phone And Change Network To Idea 3. Now enjoy free internet using this Airtel Unlimited 3G trick.

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0 Make Money Online With FileFactory

This is an awesome trick to Make Money Online. FileFactory Rewards rates for each 1,000 completed downloads

Make Money With FileFactory

Country Groups:

A) United States
B) Canada, France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
C) Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates
D) All Others

Follow these simple rules to Make Money Online With FileFactory Rewards

We count every successful completed download. We count one unique file per unique IP address every 24 hours for free and anonymous users. So a free or anonymous user downloading two different files from the same IP will count as two downloads. Premium downloads are counted as one file per each unique IP every 24 hours. So a Premium user downloading two different files on the same IP will count as one download.

You must opt-in to our Rewards program by selecting the “Activate Rewards” option in your account.

The following downloads do not qualify: Files smaller than 5MB; downloading files from your own account; automated download tools excluding legitimate download managers. You will be disqualified and banned if you try to manipulate our system.

You must select a payment method in your account in order to be paid. You can lodge a payment request at any time if your balance exceeds $20 and we will pay automatically every Friday. Both free and Premium members can receive payouts.

We pay you 20% of the value of each Premium account sold as a result of your downloads or referring link from your site. This is on top of your download rates.

We pay you 20% of the earnings from new affiliates who you referred to FileFactory.

There are no restrictions for any country – anyone can download using our free system.

Your uploads must meet our terms of service.

For maximum Rewards we recommend using FileFactory as your exclusive host as you’ll generate more sales and therefore good commissions.

PLUS! Earn 20% of the value of all Premium account sales sold from your files or your site. Go for it and make money online.
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0 Work From Home Using Global Test Market

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Global Test MarketGlobal Test Market is perfect for individuals who would like to make money online by work from home business. GTM is in my opinion the one of the best survey site online. GTM has been in business in the field of market research since 1999 and is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). With 3-5 surveys a day at 1.50 to 5.00 per survey it’s easy to earn extra money and meet the minimum payout level. Here is my survey review.

Work From Home Using Global Test Market
My first check is shown below.

Quick Stats

  • The minimum age to join Global Test Market is 13.
  • 3-5 Surveys per-day paying between 1.50 and 5.00.
  • Pay Threshold 50.00
  • Confirmed – Global Test Market does pay and  I’ve received a check from them pictured below.
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited
  • Membership Offered On an International Level

My Experience

I joined a few years ago and made some money but then kind of left it and came back to it later, in fact it I believe it was  two years later. When I came back my account had been deactivate so all the money I’d earned was gone. I contacted them and let them know I would like my account reactivated and it was done rather quickly.

The good news is that they activated my account with all the funds I had already earned. I think it was 35.00 at that point. This showed me that they stand behind their members and offer superior customer service.

Below is the first check  I received from Global Test Market.  This money was earned by completing surveys.

Global Test Market Check

I know its not the highest quality picture. I made the mistake of taking it against the window.

The total in the check is 75.25 and once I reactivated my account it didn’t take long to get there.

I usually receive 3-5 surveys a day and they most often pay between 2.00 – 3.00 per survey sometimes they pay more and sometimes a little less but never under 1.50.

Joining Global Test Market is Free

Considering every website that I’m a member that offers surveys I would have to say that Global Test Market offers the highest number of surveys with higher pay than all others.

I’ve had an excellent experience with Global Test Market
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0 CASHKARO.COM the best Cashback Coupon Website

cashkaro We all know that there is a growing preference for shopping from home and if we get cashback coupons for our every online purchase then wouldn't like to shop online.

Cashkaro.com,India's largest coupons & cashback site that help online shoppers save money,conducted a CASHBACK COUPONS ONLINE SHOPPING TRENDES SURVEY and the here I will be sharing amazing responses it received.
REGISTER    cashkaro
Cashkaro.com conducted a survey among cashkaro social media followers, online shoppers visiting their site and also among non-users to include a general and wider audience. It was interesting to see that 95% of the online shopping population finds the concept of cashback attractive.

Cashback Coupon Website

  • 60% shoppers use cashback coupon when they shop online.
  • 27% said cashback and deals encourage online shopping,Lower prices came second with 25% and 22% choose 'Convenience'.
  • Savings are also high!Discount coupons and cashback proving to be most attractive offers

The second edition of 'CASHKARO ONLINE SHOPPING TRENDS' survey revealed that more than 60% online shoppers use discount coupons and cashback, loving the idea of a good saving.While discount coupons registered 33% votes, cashback is catching up quickly with 29% respondents having used the offer recently.Gift vouchers followed next with 20% and daily deals received an 18%.
Regsiter by clicking cashkaro
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0 Best Survey Site for Indians - IndiaSpeaks.Net

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IndiaSpeaks.Net Giving a legit or scam title to this Hub is especially because from a couple of weeks Indians have been panelized by various survey scams on the web. Everyone looks for genuine sites and here you will find one of the Best Survey Site for Indians- IndiaSpeaks.Net. My brother who reside in India were taking survey at India Speaks since 2 month, he told me this is one of the best survey site for Indians but I were waiting for a payment proof before declaring it Legit or Scam. I have attached here the payment proofs sent by him, So here is a good news for its entire user, India Speaks is 100% genuine.

Why I have rated this site as a best option for make money?

Actually this market research company is a subsidiary of Absolute Data Research and Analytics- Gurgaon and they are in partnership with NASCOMM Research Center. However they named itself IndiaSpeaks.net for batter identification as a survey site on internet, India Speaks requires to create an account for getting paid, they pays you at least Rs. 20 to Rs. 2000 on each survey depends on the length and researcher, they also offers sweepstakes that you can redeem in form of prize and rewards.

Site have also provided referral system in that you will get Rs.20 on each active referral, To get lots of survey you need to fill your all the profile and requires to keep them updated on an interval of 7 days
IndiaSpeaks.Net Payment Proof
Payment Proof 
IndiaSpeaks.Net Appreciation Letter
Appreciation Letter

India Speaks Pros and Cons-


1. The main benefits I have noticed about India Speak is availability of survey on frequent interval of time for active users (An active users means here who are updating their profile regularly).

2. You can earn by surveying up to Rs.2000 in once.

3. Here you gets Rs 20 on each referrals, so start talking about this site on your in your Network.

4. The communication channel with admin is very smooth they properly respond to our queries.


1. Its payout limit, you only can redeem when you reaches to at least 200 points.

2. The statistics of referrals are not real time you always need to wait for 24 hours.

3. You can only cash out through check (A check take at least 30 days to arrive).

4. I don’t like the site interface it looks so odd and the colors will take your life.

Perhaps the thing mattes for us is site legally paying or not so it’s a PAYING
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